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Kip Winger

Down Incognito

"I think that's why music is very, very powerful. It helps people through the difficult times."

Track Listing: :

1. Another Way (Kip Winger)
2. Down Incognito (Reb Beach, Kip Winger)
3. Under One Condition (Reb Beach, Kip Winger)
4. Miles Away (Paul Taylor)
5. Steam (Kip Winger)
6. Headed For A Heartbreak (Kip Winger)
7. How Far Will We Go? (Kip Winger)
8. Naked Son (Kip Winger)
10. Easy Come, Easy Go (Kip Winger)
11. Daniel (Kip Winger)
12. Rainbow In The Rose (Kip Winger, Reb Beach)
13. Blind Revolution Mad (Reb Beach, Kip Winger)