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Jimmy Page


"Anybody that sits on top of his palace after they've worked all their life to get it and says it's lonely at the top, it's just miserable, they're full of it. It's the best."

Track Listing: :

1. Wasting My Time (Jimmy Page, John Miles) 4:28
2. Wanna Make Love (John Miles, Jimmy Page) 5:20
2. Writes Of Winter (Jimmy Page) 3:25
4. The Only One (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) 4:25
5. Liquid Mercury (Jimmy Page) 3:03
6. Hummingbird (Leon Russell) 5:22
7. Emerald Eyes (Jimmy Page) 3:20
8. Prison Blues (Jimmy Page, Chris Farlowe) 7:07
9. Blues Anthem (Jimmy Page, Chris Farlowe) 3:20