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Master of Puppets

Considered by most metal fans to be Metallica's best album, Puppets is the third and final album to feature the skill of bassist Cliff Burton, and perhaps his element is what makes the album so dynamic. With the Justice and black albums that followed, Metallica began to go in a much more commercial direction. Puppets is Metallica at their rawest, meanest, hungriest stage, and their musicianship is superior on this album. Definitely a desert-island disc.

"Country music is three chords and the truth."

Track Listing: :

1. Battery 5:10
2. Master Of Puppets 8:38
3. The Thing That Should Never Be 6:32
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 6:28
5. Disposable Heroes 8:14
6. Leper Messiah 5:38
7. Orion (Instrumental) 8:12
8. Damage, Inc. 5:08