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Racer X

Technical Difficulties

Thirteen years after their last studio release, the original members of Racer X have teamed up to record Technical Difficulties. This is by far and away their best produced studio album. Of course a few years of recording technology have unraveled since Second Heat. The tracks on Technical Difficulties employ more of a songwriter's approach then their previous efforts in which the guitar riffs where strictly the central point of concern. Over all, there really isn't a great deal of groundbreaking here, but it does provide some new inspiration for die-hard Racer X followers.

"I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it. That's technical talk."

Track Listing: :

1. Phallic Tractor 0:56
2. Fire Of Rock 4:56
3. Snakebite 4:23
4. Technical Difficulties 4:20
5. Miss Mistreater 4:31
6. Bolt In My Heart 4:10
7. 17th Moon 4:06
8. Waiting 4:29
9. Poison Eyes 4:17
10. B.R.O. 1:20
11. God Of The Sun 5:15
12. Give It To Me 3:15
13. The Executioner's Song 4:09