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Gary Moore

Victims of the Future

Album Credits:
Gary Moore (Vocals)
Ian Paice ()
Neil Carter ()

"It's in you and it's gotta come out."

Track Listing: :

1. Victims of the Future (Gary Moore, Neil Carter, Ian Paice, Neil Murray) 6:11
2. Teenage Idol (Gary Moore) 4:05
2. Shapes of Things (Paul Samwell-Smith, Keith Relf, Jim McCarty) 4:10
4. Empty Rooms (Neil Carter, Gary Moore) 6:31
5. Murder in the Skies (Neil Carter, Gary Moore) 5:15
6. All I Want (Gary Moore) 4:07
7. Hold On to Love (Gary Moore) 4:23
8. The Law of the Jungle (Gary Moore) 6:13