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Tony MacAlpine

Edge Of Insanity

Album Credits:
Tony MacAlpine ()
Billy Sheehan ()
Steve Smith ()

"I don't go onstage with some kind of messianic vision or anything. I'm basically going out there hoping my guitar is in tune."

Track Listing: :

1. Wheel Of Fortune (Tony MacAlpine)
2. The Stranger (Tony MacAlpine)
3. Quarter To Midnight (Live Solo) (Tony MacAlpine)
4. Agrionia (Tony MacAlpine)
5. Empire In The Sky (Tony MacAlpine)
6. The Witch And The Priest (Tony MacAlpine)
7. The Taker (Tony MacAlpine)
8. Prelude 16, Opus 28 (Frederik Chopin)
9. Edge Of Insanity (Tony MacAlpine)
10. The Raven (Tony MacAlpine)
11. No Place In Time (Tony MacAlpine)