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Chad & Jeremy
Chad Mitchell Trio
Chadwick, Gary
Chainsaw Kittens
Chairmen of the Board
Chaisson, Greg
Chaisson, Mike
Chalfant, Jimmy
Challengers, The
Chamberlain, Jimmy
Chambers, Dennis
Chambers, George
Chambers, Joe
Chambers, Lester
Chambers, Martin
Chambers, Willie
Chambers Brothers, The
Champlin, Bill
Champs, The
Chance, Barry
Chancellor, Justin
Chandler, Chas
Chandler, Gene
Chaney, Chris
Channel Live
Channel Zero
Chantays, The
Chantels, The
Chaos Compilation
Chapin, Harry
Chapin, Tom
Chaplin, Charlie
Chapman, Cee Cee
Chapman, Gary
Chapman, Mike
Chapman, Owen "Snake"
Chapman, Roger
Chapman, Steven Curtis
Chapman, Tracy
Chappell, Ray
Chappell, Russell
Chaquico, Craig
Charlatans UK
Charles, Charly T.
Charles, Ray
Charles, Rockie
Charles River Valley Boys
Charlie Daniels Band
Charlie Watts Tentet
Charlson, Ken
Charms, The
Chase, Charlie
Chasez, J.C.
Chastain, David T.
Chatmon, Sam
Chauncey, Danny
Chavez, Mark
Chavis, Boozoo
Chayell, Chrismar
Cheap Suit Serenaders
Cheap Trick
Cheatham, Jeannie
Cheatham, Jimmy
Checker, Chubby
Chemical Brothers, The
Chemical People
Chen, Phil
Cheng, Chi
Chenier, C.J.
Chenier, Clifton
Chenille Sisters
Chequered Past
Cher U.K.
Cherish the Ladies
Cherone, Gary
Cherry, Nena
Cherry, Neneh
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Chesnut, Jerry
Chesnut, Jim
Chesnutt, Mark
Chesnutt, Vic
Chess, Leonard
Chestnut Grove Quartet, The
Chicago Transit Authority
Chichkan, Mark
Chicken Coupe Deville
Chicken Shack
Chieftains, The
Chihara, Paul
Child, Jane
Child's Play
Childre, Lew
Children, The
Chimes, Terry
Chin, Unsuk
Chinkees, The
Chip & Donnie
Chisholm, Melanie Jayne
Choates, Harry
Chocolate Watchband
Chopin, Frederik
Chords, The
Chotzinoff, Samuel
Chowning, Randle
Chris & Kathy
Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin'
Christ's Child
Christian, Charlie
Christian, James
Christian Death
Christina, Fran
Chrome Molly
Chronical Diarrhoea
Chubby, Popa
Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band
Chuck Wagon Gang (AKA the Carter Quartet)
Chuckrow, Bob
Church, Bill
Church, Bill
Church, Edwin
Church, Ralph
Church Brothers
Church, The
Churchill, Chick