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Coal Chamber
Coasters, The
Coats, Tim
Cobain, Kurt
Cobbs, Willie
Cobra, Mad
Coburn, Ray
Cochran, Eddie
Cochran, Gary
Cochran, Hank
Cockburn, Bruce
Cocker, Joe
Cockerham, Fred
Cocteau Twins
Cody, Betty
Cody, Harry
Coe, David Allen
Coffman, Wanna
Coghill, Brian
Cohen, David
Cohen, John
Cohen, Paul
Cohn, Al
Cohn, Marc
Cold Chisel
Cold Sweat
Cole, B.J.
Cole, Brian
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Natalie
Coleman, Deborah
Coleman, Keith
Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, T. Michael
Coleman, T. Michael
Colla, Johnny
Collapsing Lungs
Collective Soul
Collen, Phil
Collette, Jimmy
Colley, Dana
Collie, Biff
Collie, Mark
Collier, Scott
Collins, Albert
Collins, Allen
Collins, Bootsy
Collins, Brian
Collins, Felicia
Collins, Joe
Collins, Judy
Collins, Larry
Collins, Lorrie
Collins, Max
Collins, Phil
Collins, Randall
Collins, Ronald
Collins, Sam
Collins, Tom
Collins, Tommy
Collins Kids
Colonne, Edouard
Color Me Badd
Colosseum II
Coloured Stone
Colston, Maclaine
Colt, Johnny
Colter, Jessi
Coltrane, John
Colvard, Jim
Combustible Edison
Comeaux, Richard
Comeaux, Tommy
Comer, Terry
Comess, Aaron
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Commerford, Tim
Commodores, The
Common Children
Como, Perry
Company of Snakes
Compton, Bill
Compton, Harry
Compton, Tom
Compton Brothers
Concrete Blonde
Condon, Eddie
Coney Hatch
Confederate Railroad
Confessori, Ricardo
Congreve, William
Conlee, John
Conley, Earl Thomas
Connell, Dudley
Connick, Jr., Harry
Connolly, John
Connor, Gary Lee
Connor, Joanna
Conrad, David
Conroy, Michael
Conroy, Mick
Constantinescu, Paul
Constantino, Dave
Conti, Bill
Contractus, Hermannus
Controlled Bleeding
Conway, Billy
Cooder, Ry
Cooder Browne
Coogan, Mary
Cook, Captain Henry
Cook, Carlos
Cook, Frank
Cook, Jeff
Cook, Johnny
Cook, Kyle
Cook, Paul
Cook, Stu
Cooke, Sam
Cool, Tre
Cooley, Haskell
Cooley, Spade
Coolidge, Peggy Stuart
Coolidge, Rita
Coon Creek Girls
Cooper, "Gentleman Joe"
Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Basil
Cooper, Kent
Cooper, Ralph
Cooper, Roger
Cooper, Stoney
Cooper, Wilma Lee
Cooper Brothers, The
Copas, Cowboy
Cope, Julian
Copeland, Johnny
Copeland, Stewart
Copley, Al
Corabi, John
Corbett, Greg
Corbett, Tom
Corbin, Bob
Corder, Anthony
Corea, Chick
Corella, Doug
Corgan, Billy
Corneal, Jon
Cornelisons, Buzz
Cornelius, Helen
Cornell, Chris
Cornell, Walt
Cornells, The
Cornick, Glenn
Corporal Punishment
Correro Jr., Joe
Corrosion of Conformity
Corrs, The
Coryell, Larry
Cosmo, Fran
Costa, La
Costantino, Stephen
Costello, Elvis
Coster, Tom
Cotner, Carl
Cotta, Justin
Cotter, Debby
Cottle, Tameka
Cotton, Carolina
Cotton, James
Cotton, Paul
Council, Floyd
Count Five
Count Raven
Counting Crows
Country Boys
Country Gazette
Country Gentlemen
Country Joe and the Fish
Coup De Grace
Course Of Empire
Coury, Fred
Couse, Dave
Coutts, Dave
Coven, Randy
Covenant, The
Coverdale, David
Covington, Robert
Cowan, John
Coward, Buster
Coward, Noel
Cowboy Junkies
Cowden, Rohan
Cowsill, Bob
Cowsill, Susan
Cowsills, The
Cox, Billy
Cox, Deborah
Cox, Ida
Cox, Jim
Cox, Roy
Coxon, Graham