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Miall, Terry Lee
Miami Sound Machine
Miceli, John
Michael, George
Michael, Jorg
Michael Schenker Group
Michael-Phillips, David
Michaels, Bret
Michalski, John
Michel, Pras
Middleton, Johnny Lee
Middleton, Mark
Middleton, Velma
Midler, Bette
Midnight Darkness
Midnight Oil
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The
Mike and the Mechanics
Mike Curb Congregation
Miki &Griff
Milburn, Amos
Miles, Buddy
Miles, John
Miles, Paul
Milheim, Keith
Milk Cult
Millar, Darrell "Dwarf"
MIller, Bill "Blue"
Miller, Dan
Miller, David
Miller, Drew
Miller, Frankie
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Homer "Slim"
Miller, Jerry
Miller, Jody
Miller, Mark
Miller, Mitch
Miller, Ned
Miller, Roger
Miller, Steve
Milli Vanilli
Millinder, Lucky
Millionaire Hippies
Mills, Allen
Mills, Jerry
Mills, Mike
Mills, Stephanie
Milner, Rusty
Milsap, Ronnie
Milton, Little
Milton, Roy
Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies
Mimsies, The
Mind Bomb
Mind Funk
Mind Over 4
Mindel, Valerie
Minimal Man
Minnie, Memphis
Minogue, Kylie
Minor, Shane
Minor Threat
Mint Condition
Minutemen, The
Miracle Mile
Miracle Workers
Miret, Roger
Misajon, Maile
Misery Loves Company
Misfits, The
Miskulin, Joey
Missing Persons
Mission Of Burma
Mission U.K.
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
Mitchell, Adam
Mitchell, John "Mitch"
Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Larry
Mitchell, Loren
Mitchell, McKinley
Mitchell, Waddie
Mix-a-Lot, Sir
Mize, Ben
Mize, Billy
Mlynarski, Emil