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Roach, Max
Roane County Ramblers
Robben Ford & The Blue Line
Robbins, Dave
Robbins, Dennis
Robbins, Hargus "Pig"
Robbins, Larry
Robbins, Marty
Roberson, Les
Roberts, Bernard
Roberts, Brad
Roberts, Cotton
Roberts, Dan
Roberts, Fiddling Doc
Roberts, Gerry
Roberts, Jay
Roberts, Joe
Roberts, Kenny
Roberts, Luckey
Roberts, Rick
Roberts, Tommy
Roberts (See Pete Kuykendall), Pete
Robertson, David
Robertson, Eck
Robertson, Jess
Robertson, Robbie
Robertson, Rowan
Robic and the Exertions
Robijns, Jan
Robillard, Michael Duke
Robin and Linda Williams & Their Fine Group
Robinson, Chris
Robinson, Cynthia
Robinson, Darren
Robinson, Dave
Robinson, David
Robinson, Felix
Robinson, Fenton
Robinson, Ikey
Robinson, Jimmie Lee
Robinson, Rich
Robinson, Smokey
Robinson, Tad
Robison, Carson J.
Robison, Charlie
Rochberg, George
Roche, John
Roche, Terre
Roches, The
Rock, Bob
Rock, Bobby
Rock, Chubb
Rock, Kid
Rock City Angels
Rockenfield, Scott
Rockett, Rikki
Rod, Johnny
Rodby, Steve
Rodgers, Jimmie
Rodgers, Paul
Rodgers, Richard
Rodman, Judy
Rodrigo, Joaquin
Rodriguez, Joe
Rodriguez, Johnny
Rodriguez, Robert Xavier
Rodriguez, Tito
Roe, Marty
Roe, Ray
Roeser, Donald "Buck Dharma"
Rogers, David
Rogers, Ernest
Rogers, Jimmy
Rogers, Kenny
Rogers, Roy
Rogers, Roy
Rogue Male
Roland, Duane
Roland, Ed
Rolie, Gregg
Roll, Michael
Rolling Stones, The
Rollini, Adrian
Rollins, Henry
Rollins Band, The
Romberg, Sigmund
Romeo, Roger
Romeo Void
Romeo's Daughter
Rondinelli, Bobby
Ronger, Florimond
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Ronny & The Daytons
Ronstadt, Linda
Roomful Of Blues
Rorschach Test
Rosales, Gabe
Rosas, Cesar
Rosbaud, Hans
Rose, Axl
Rose, Dave
Rose, Felipe
Rose, Fred
Rose, Leonard
Rose, Michael
Rose, Morgan
Rose, Pam
Rose, Saul
Rose, Stanley
Rose, Wesley
Rose Tattoo
Rosenthal, Jurgen
Ross, Buddy
Ross, Diana
Ross, Isaiah Doc
Ross, Jeff
Ross, Lee
Rossbach, Johnny
Rossdale, Gavin
Rossi, Francis
Rossington, Gary
Rossington Band
Rossington-Collins Band
Rossini, Gioacchino
Rotary Connection
Roth, Arlen
Roth, David Lee
Roth, John
Roth, Uli John
Rothfield, Suzy
Rotten, Johnny
Rotting Christ
Rough Cutt
Rough Diamond
Rough Silk
Rourke, Andy
Rouse, Billy
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Rowan, Peter
Rowberry, Dave
Rowely, Andy
Rowland, Dave
Rowland, Kelly
Rowntree, Dave
Roxy Blue
Roxy Gang
Roxy Music
Roy Carrier and the Night Rockers
Royal, Billy Joe
Royal Guardsmen, The
Royal Hunt
Royal Macadamians
Royal Teens, The