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Death Metal


Absu Ammer Einheit Anal Cunt At The Gates Atheist Atrophy Bathory Bewitched Broken Hope Cancer Candlemass Cannibal Corpse Carcass Coven Covenant, The Cradle of Filth Death Death Is Just The Beginning Deathrow Defleshed Deicide Desultory Disincarnate Divine Sin Edge Of Sanity Elf Power Emperor Entombed Faxed Head Fleshcrawl Gates Of Ishtar Gathering, The Gorefest Hypocrisy In Flames Incantation Malevolent Creation Mithotyn Moonspell Necrophagia Necrophobic Painkiller Paradise Lost Pathos Rudimentary Peni Sacramentum Samael Samhain Satyricon Sentenced Shock Therapy Suffocation Therion Tiamat Venom

"I resent people who you grow up admiring who turn out to be the biggest tossers, like David Bowie. "