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First developed in the very early 1990's, Grunge is a very guitar oriented style of music.


700 Miles Alice In Chains Best Kissers In The World Big Chief Bivouac Blood Circus Candy Planet Cat Butt Cell Cher U.K. Crunt Daisy Chainsaw Dandelion Derelicts Dogstar Dumpster Juice Earth Evil Stig Flowerhead Fluid Girl Trouble Gnome Green Apple Quick Step Green Magnet School Green River Greta Gumball Halo Of Flies Hammerbox Hash Haze & Shuffle House Of Large Sizes Jawbox Jawbreaker Kicking Giant Latimer Love Battery Lucy's Fur Coat Magnapop Melvins, The Moist Monkey Wrench Moth Macabre Mother Love Bone Mudhoney Muzza Chunka Nirvana Oogies Orangutang Pearl Jam Pond Rein Sanction Ruth Ruth Screaming Trees Seaweed Silverfish Smut Solomon Grundy Soundgarden Spell Sprinkler Stick Supersnazz Swivelneck Temple of the Dog Tree People Trouble Dolls Truck Stop Love Truly Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver Veruca Salt You Am I

"If it wasn't us, it would be someone else who's famous."