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Heavy Metal


108 2 Black 2 Strong Mmg 220 Volt 24-7 Spyz 25 Ta Life 3 Way Cum 40 Grit 454 Big Block 5 Knuckle Chuckle A Perfect Circle A-II-Z A.S.A.P. Abbatoir Abusement Park Abyss AC/DC Accept Accidental Tribe Accursed Accused, The Acheron Acid Acid Bath Acrimony Acrophet Adam Bomb Adicts, The Aerosmith Afflicted After Hours Afterlife Agent Orange Agent Steel Aggression Agony Column Agressor Airkraft Alaska Alastis Alcatrazz Almighty, The Altered State Amboog-A-Lard Amen Amorphis Amulance Anathema Ancient Ancient Rites Anesthesy Angel Angel Witch Angeles Angelic Upstarts Angels With Dirty Faces Angkor Wat Angra Angst Animal Bag Annihilator Anthem Anti-Pasti Antidote Antietam Anus The Menace Anvil Anvil Bitch Apocalyptica Apocrypha Apostles Apparatus Armed Forces Armored Saint Arson Artch Artension Asphalt Ballet Asphyx At The Drive In At War Atlantis Atoll Atom Folk Atom Gods Atom Seed Atomic Opera Atrax Morgue Attack Autopsy Avalanche Avenger Aversion Aviator Avtograf Awful Truth Axewitch Axxis B-Thong Baby Tuckoo Bad 4 Good Bad Lizard Bad Moon Rising Bad Romance Badtown Boys Baker's Pink Balaam & The Angel Bang Bangalore Choir Banshee Baphomet Barking Tribe Barracuda, The Bastard Battle Of Saints Battleaxe BB Rock Beats The Hell Out Of Me Beau Nasty Bedlem Beggars & Thieves Belfegore Believer Benediction Bennet Beyond Big F, The Big House Billion Dollar Babies, The Bitch Bitches End Bitter End Black Angels Black Army Jacket Black Label Society Black Rose Black Task Black Tears Black Train Jack Black Widow Blackeyed Susans, The Blackjack Blackout Blackstar Blackthorne Blackwych Blasphemy Blaze Blind Fury Blind Guardian Blitzkrieg Blitzspeer Blood Blood From The Soul Blood Money Bloody Six Bloody Stools Blu Bones Blue Blood Blue Cheer Bodine Bogeymen, The Boiler Room Bone Crusher Bonfire Bootsauce Boyzz Brain Surgeons Brains, The Brighton Rock Britton Brocken Bones Bronz Brujeria Brutal Juice Brutal Truth Brutality Brute Force Budgie Bulldozer Bullett Bullett La Volta Burning Time Burning Tree BWF Byron Band Cacumen Cadaver Cage Candiru Capitalist Casualties Carbonized Carnage Carrie Castle Blak Catalepsy Cathedral Cats In Boots Cause Of Death Celebrity Skin Celestial Season Cell Mates Cemetary Cerebral Fix Chainsaw Channel Zero Chaos Compilation Chariot Chaser Chastain Chateaux Cheer-Accident Chemical People Chequered Past Child's Play Chip & Donnie Christ's Child Chrome Molly Chum Cianide Circle Of Illusions Circus Of Power Cirith Ungol Cirkus CJSS Clawfinger Clay People Cleanser Clockhammer Cloven Hoof Cold Sweat Collapsing Lungs Collide Collision Comecon Condemned Coney Hatch Contraband Controlled Bleeding Convict Convulse Core Corporal Punishment Corrosion of Conformity Count Raven Course Of Empire Coverdale/Page CPR Craaft Crack Up Crankshaft Crawl Crazyhead Creepmine Crematory Cricifixion Crimeny Crimson Glory Crimson Jimson Crisis Crisis Party Criss Cronos Crowbar Crown Cry Wolf Cubanate Culprit Cutty Sark Cycle Sluts From Hell Cyclone Temple D Priest D'Molls D.A.D. D.I. Dagger Damien Thorne Dammaj Damn The Machine Danger Danzig Dare Dark Heart Dark Tranquility Darklin Reach Darkness Darkness Visible Darkthrone Dayglo Abortions DBC Dead & Bloated Dead Beat Honeymooners Dead Fly Boy Dead Horse Dead On Dead World Deadringer Deaf Dealer Dealer Dearly Beheaded Death Cult Death Mask Death Organ Death Strike Deathwish Deceased Deconstruction Decoryah Ded Engine Dedringer Deep Throat Defecation Defiance Delinquents, The Demented Ted Dementia Demilich Demon Denial Despair Destiny Deteriorate Diamond Rexx Die Monster Die Dig Dimmu Borgir Dirty Looks Dirty Tricks Disastrous Murmur Discharge Disciples Of Power Disembowelment Disgust Disharmonic Orchestra Dismember Dismemberment Disrupt Dissection Divine Eve Divine Regale DLR Band DNA Doc Rockit Doctor Butcher Dog Eat Dog Dogs D'amour Dogs With Jobs Dominus Doom Doom Snake Cult Doomwatch Doughnuts Dragon Drain S.T.H. Dreadful Shadows Dream Police Drifter Drill Drive Drive She Said Driver Drivin' N' Cryin' Drop Acid Drowningman Duke Jupiter E F Band E-X-E Earth Crisis Earthshaker Eastern Breeze Eater Eeneration Eighteen Vision Electric Angels Electric Boys Eleven Pictures Elf Embalmer Embodyment Empyria Enchant Engines Of Aggression English Dogs Enola Gay Enslaved Enthroned Entropy Enviromental Hazzard Epidemic Epitaph Ethel The Frog Ever Eve Every Mother's Nightmare Eviction Excalibur Excel Exciter Excruciating Pain Excruciation Executioner Exhorder Exit-13 Exorcist Exoto Experiment Fear Exploited, The Export Eye & I Eyehategod Eyewitness EZO Face Dancer Factory 81 Faith No More Faith Or Fear Faithful Breath Fantomas Fast Kutz Fat Tuesday Fate Fates Warning Fear Disorder Fear Of God Fearless Iranians From Hell Fetish 69 Fifi Fight Final Final Assault Final Conflict Final Exit Fisc Fishwife Fist Five Seconds Expired Fleshpaint Floodgate FN Guns Forbidden Fate Forte Francis X Freak Of Nature Frehley's Comet Frightwig Frontline Fudge Tunnel Fungo Mungo Funhouse Furbowl Galactic Cowboys, The Gamma Ray Garsed/Helmerich Gaskin Gaye Bykers On Acid Geezer General Surgery Genetic Wisdom Genocide Geordie Ghostorm Giant's Causeway Gillan Gillan & Glover Gin On The Rocks Glory Bell's Band Goatlord God Forbid God Machine, The Goddo Godflesh Godz, The Golgotha Gomorrah Goreaphobia Gorelust Gorky Park Gothic Slam Granger Grave Grave Digger Gravestone Graveyard Rodeo Gregory's Funhouse Grim Reaper Grinder Grinderswitch Grinning Plowman Groovy Aardvark Grope Groundhogs, The Groy Galaxy Grune Guardian Guillotine Guitar Gangsters Guitarists De L'apocalypso Gun Guns N' Roses Gutsonic Gutted Guttersnipes, The Gypsy Rose Hades Halford Hall Aflame Hallow's Eve Hammerfall Hammerhead Hammersmith Hangman Hanoi Rocks Hanover Hans Naughty Hard Corps Hardline Harem Scarem Harter Attack Hatrik Haunted Garage Havoc Hawaii Hawkwind Haywire Hazzard Headlock Heads Or Tails Heads Up! Headshop Heaven 1 Heaven's Cry Heavenwood Heavy Load Heavy Metal Horns Heavy Metal Kids Heavy Pettin Hecate Enthroned Heir Apparent Heist Helen Wheels Band Hellacopters, The Hellanbach Hellbastard Hellhammer Hellion Helloween Helmet Helstar Heretic Hericane Alice Herman Ze German & Friends Hero Heroine Hexenhaus Heyday Highway Chile His Hero Is Gone Holocaust Holosade Holy Gang Holy Moses Honkeyball Horse House of Lords Howling Iguanas Hughes Thrall Human Remains Human Waste Project Hunger Farm Hunt Hunter Hunters Club Hydra Vein I Found God Iced Earth Idle Wilds IML Immolation Immortal Impaler Impellitteri Indecision Indestroy Indestructable Noise Command Infectious Grooves Infernal Majesty Inner Thought Insted Instigators Insult II Injury Integrity Intense Degree Internal Void Into Another Invocator Iron Angel Iron Christ Iron Monkey Iron Prostate It Is I Itch Ivanhoe Jag Panzer Jag Wire Jagged Edge (U.K.) Jaguar Jailhouse Jarra Jerk Jesse Strange Jesters Of Destiny Jesus Christ Jet Circus Jetboy Jo Jo Gunne Joan Jett and the Blackhearts John Verity Band Johnny Crash Johnny Law Joshua Juggernaut Junkyard Kamelot Karma To Burn Karroll Brothers Kataklysm Katmandu Keel Keen Hue Kerosene Kick Axe Kik Tracee Kilgore Kill For Thrills Killer Killer Dwarfs Killers Killing Addiction Killing Floor Killing Machine Killing Time Killswitch Engage Killtrain Kinetic Dissent King Cobra King Kobra King Of The Hill King's X Kingdom of Dead Kinghorse Kiss Kiss it Goodbye Kiss of the Gypsy Kong Konkhra Krakatoa Krank Kryst the Conqueror Ku De Tah Kublai Khan Kyuss L.A.Z.Y. L.U.N.G.S. Labyrinth Lake of Tears Lamb of God Lava Love Lawnmower Deth Lazarus Leather Left Hand Solution Left Insane Left Wing Fascists Legal Weapon Legs Diamond Lemans Lemmy Leukemia Liaisons Dangereuses Liege Lord Life of Agony Life Sex & Death Likwid Lillian Axe Linkin Park Lion Lionsheart Liquid Gang Liquid Hips Liquid Jesus Little Angels Living Colour Living Death Living End, The Living Sacrifice Lizzy Borden Lock Up London Lord Belial Lostboys Loudblast Love & Napalm Love Chain Love Like Blood Lucifer Lucifer's Friend Lucky 7 M.O.D. M80 Macabre Mad Dog Mad Max Madball Maelstrom Magnum Mahogany Rush Maineeaxe Malformed Earthborn Malhavoc Malhavoc Malicious Intent Malicious Onslaught Mallet Head Mammoth Man Maniac Manilla Road Manitoba's Wild Kingdom Mannequin Beach Manninya Blade Manowar Mantas Mapknea Marcus Marduk Mark Brodie & Beaver Patrol Marseille Marshall Law Martyr Masi Mass Massacra Maxx Mayhem McAuley-Schenker Group McCoy Meanstreak Meathook Seed Medicine Wheel Megadeth Mekong Delta Meliah Rage Memento Mori Mental Hippie Blood Mentors, The Merauder Mercy Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate Mercyless Messiah AD Messiah Prophet Metal Force Metal Urbain Metal Virgins Metallica Mezzrow Midnight Darkness Milk Cult Mind Bomb Mind Funk Mind Over 4 Mindrot Miracle Workers Moho Pack Molest Monster Magnet Monster Voodoo Machine Monstrosity Morbid Angel More More Fiends Morgion Morgue Morpheus Descends Mortal Remains Mortician Mortiis Mortuary Motherland Mourning Sign Mouth Moxy Mucky Pup Mudvayne Multiple Cat Mundane Murder City Devils Mutha's Day Out Mutilation My Sister's Machine Mystik Mythic Nailbomb Naked Blue Naked Planet Naked Rhythm Naked Sun Napalm Nasty Savage Nativity In Black Nazareth Nebula Necronomicon Necrosanct Necrosis Negazione Neglect Neolithic Nevada Beach Nevermore New Adventures New Idol Son New Legend New Speedway Kings New Sweet Breath Niagara Nicklebag Night in Gales Nightstick Nightswing Nile Nine Point Zero Nitro No Escape No for an Answer No Sweat No Trouble Nobodys, The Nocturnus Noiseworks Noisy Mama Noize Toys Nokturnel Nomind Non-Aggression Pact Nothingface Nuclear Valdez Nudeswirl O.Z. Obliveon Obsessed Obsession Obvious Occult Oil Seed Rape Old Omen Only Child Only Living Witness Opeth Oppressor Organic Infest Organization Osiva Outbreak Overdose Overdrive Overkill Overload P.O.L. Pagan Babies Page-Jones-Lee Pain Pain Station Paladin Pan-Thy-Monium Pandemonium Panic Parade of Losers Paralysis Parasite Pariah Peace Sanctuary Peach Peat Moss Penance Penny Black Penny Dreadfuls Perpetua Persian Risk Pestilence Pet Hate Phantasm Phantom Phantom Lord Phantoms of the Future Phobia Picture Piece Dogs Piledriver Pink Cream 69 Piper Pissing Razors Pist-On Pitch Fork Pitchblende Pitchshifter Pittbull Planet Hate Pleasure Elite Poltergeist Poor Porch Post Mortem Power Trio From Hell Powermad Powersurge Powertrip Praxis Praying Mantis Precious Metal Pretty Maids Primal Fear Princess Pang Pro-Pain Prong Prophet Psychosis Psychotic Waltz Psychotic Youth Puncture Purged Purity Pushing Up Daisies Q 5 Quiet Room R.D.P. Radio Active Cats Rage Raging Slab Ragnarok Rail Railway Rainbow Butt Monkeys Rampage Random Killing Rapid Tears Rapscallion Rata Blanca Ratos de Porao Razor Real Trigger Happy Realm Reason To Believe Reckless Rejects Relative Ash Release Renegade Repulsion Respect Rest In Pieces Resurrection Revenant Rhino Bucket Righteous Pigs Rights Of The Accused Rio Riot Ripping Corpse Ritual Ritual Misery Riverdogs, The Rods Rogue Male Romeo's Daughter Rondinelli Rosicrucian Rotting Christ Rough Diamond Rough Silk Rox Roxus Roxxi Roxy Blue Royal Hunt RPLA Rubber Snake Rumble Militia Rumbledog Running Wild S.A.D.O. S.O.B. Sabatage Sabu Sacred Rite Sacrifice Sacrilege B.C. Sadistic Intent Sadistic Sister Sadus Sadwings Saigon Saint Paradise Saint Vitus Saints & Sinners Salvador Dream Sam Thunder Samain Samiam Samson Sanctuary Santers Saprize Saracen Sarcastic Sarcofago Sarkoma Sassafras Satan Satanatras Savage Savage Grace Savage Resurrection Savage Steel Scabs Scanner Scarecrow Scary Mother Scheer School of Violence Scorpions Scream Screamer Screaming Bloody Marys Screaming Jets Screwtractor Scum Sea Hags Seance Second Coming Second Heat Section 315 Seduce Seducer Seelenwinter Seersucker Senator Flux Serenity Serial Killers Serpent Sevenchurch Sex Gang Children Shake the Faith Shank Shark Island Sharp Nine Shatterproof Sheavy Sheer Terror Shield Shok Paris Shrapnel Shutdown Shuvel Shy Shy England Sickening Gore Siege Signal Silver Mountain Silverhead Sinkhole Sinner Sir Lord Baltimore Sirvix Six Feet Under Six Point Six Six Was Nine Sixty Watt Shame Skeletal Earth Skin Yard Skold Skrapp Mettle Skullflower Slammer Slammin' Gladys Slammin' Watusis Slapdash Slapshot Slash Puppet Slash's Snakepit Slaves On Dope Sledgehammer Sleep Slik Toxik Slow Smack Smackmelon Smalls Snake Snot Soak Society Burning Soho 69 Soilent Green Solace Solar Enemy Solitude Solitude Aeternus Solstice Solus Sons of Freedom Sons of Otis Soothsayer Sorrow Sortilege Soul Tattoo Soulmotor Soulquake System Sound Barrier Southern Death Cult Southgang Southpaw Spade Ghetto Destruction Spartan Warrior Speedball Speedealer Spider Spineshank Spiritual Beggars Splatterpunk Spongehead Spudmonsters Squadron Stabilizers Stainless Steel Stampede Star Star Starfighters Starz Steel Angel Steel Pole Bath Tub Steel Vengeance Steelbreed Stellar Dweller STG Stillborn Stitch Stompbox Stone Fury Stongarm Stormbringer Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D) Strait Up Strangeways Strappado Streetfighter Streets Stressball Strike Stygian Sub-Species Subzero Suicidal Tendencies Sun Red Sun Sundown Superconductor Swamp Terrorist Sweaty Nipples Sweet F.A. Sweet Savage Sword Sykes Symphony X Syre T-Ride T.N.T. T.T. Quick Tad Tai Pan Talas Talon Tangier Tank Tantric Tatoo Rodeo Teaze Teeze Terrorvision Testament Theatre Of Tragedy Therapy Thessalonian Dope Gods They Eat Their Own Thor Thorn Thought Industry Thrasher Three Mile Post Threshold Throbbin Hoods Throbs Thrust Thunderfoot Thunderhead Thunderstick Thundertrain Tinfed Tit Wrench Titanics TKO TNR Toe Tag Token Entry Tokyo Blade Too Many Gods Tool Toranaga Torch Totenmond Touched Tourniquet Tox Toxic Reasons Toxik Tractor Tragic Romance Trans-Siberian Orchestra Trash Trash Brats Trash Broadway Treacherous Human Underdogs Treat Tredegar Treponem Pal Tribal Stomp Trouble Trouble Tribe TSOL Tuff Luck Tungsten Turbo Turmoil Twelfth Hour Twisted Nerve Twisted Roots Tyga Myra Tyketto Tyran Pace Tysondog Tyton U.D.O. UFO Ugly Kid Joe Ultrahead Ultras Ultraspank Ulver Unanimated Uncle Crunchie Uncle Sam Uncle Slam Under Neath What Underdog Union Underground United Unorthodox Unruly Child Uriah Heep UTN Vader Vanadium Vanadium Vandenberg Vardis Vast Vengeance Venus Beads Verbal Abuse Verna Cannon, The Veto Vicious Cirlce Victims Of Internal Decay Victory Viking Vinnie Vincent Invasion Viogression Violators Virgin Steele Visible Wind Vision Of Disorder Visual Discrimination Vital Remains Vitalij Kuprij Viva Voices Voivod Von Groove Vow Wow Vvsi War & Peace War Dog War Machine Wargasm Warhorse Warlord Warlord U.K. Warpigs Warrior Wasted Youth Watchtower Waxing Poetics Waysted Wehrmacht Whiplash White Sister White Spirit White Wolf Whitford-St. Holmes Widowmaker Wild Wild Bunch Wild Dogs Wild Flowers Wild Horses Wild Strawberries Wildfire Wildhearts Will & The Kill Willard Winter Wireless Witch Queen Witchcross Witchfinder General Witchfynde Witchkiller Wolfsbane Wolverton Brothers Wolvz World War III Wraith, The Wrathchild Wrathchild (U.S.) Wrecking Crew Wrekking Machine X-Cops Xtra Large Ynot! Yosh Zar Zed Yago Zeno Zeppet Store Zero Nine Zeros Zeus Znowhite Zodiac Mindwarp Zoetrope Zoo

"Beethoven can write music, thank God, but he can do nothing else on earth."