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Hardcore Metal


Adrenalin O.D. Agnostic Front Anacrusis Animal Anthrax Apocalypse Artillery Bastro Blessed Death Blood Feast Bolt Thrower Bowel Bride C.I.A. Carnivore Celtic Frost Christian Death Chronical Diarrhoea Confessor Coroner Coup De Grace D.R.I. Dam Dark Angel Dead Youth, The Death Angel Deliverance Destruction Devastation Deviated Instinct Extreme Noise Terror Exumer Fifth Angel Flotsam and Jetsam Forbidden Forced Entry Free For All G.B.H. Gang Green Gorguts Grindcrusher Head Of David Heathen Hell Bastards Heresy Hexx Intruder Jerry's Kids King Crimson Kittie Kreator Last Crack Leeway Ludichrist Massacre Master Mayadome Meshuggah Misery Loves Company Moganfields Mogul Thrash Morbid Saint Mordred Morgoth Mortal Sin My Dying Bride Napalm Death Nausea Necros, The Necrosanct Nuclear Death Onslaught Pantera Possessed, The Pungent Stench Raw Power Re-Animator Recipients Of Death Rigor Mortis Rollins Band, The Running Free Sabbat Sacred Denial Sacred Order Sacred Reich Sacrilege Scatterbrain Shihad Siglo XX Skin Chamber Skinlab Skyclad Slaughter House Slave Raider Slayer Sloppy Seconds Sloppy Wrenchboy Sodom Sonic Violence Spermbirds Tankard Tender Fury Thanatos Toxodeth Transmetal Vendetta Vio-Lence Virus Vomitory W.A.S.P. Xentrix

"Fun is our philosophy. We're not angry and we like our parents."