Warren DeMartini

Born: April 10, 1963
Chicago, IL, USA

Warren DeMartini comes from a family with music in it's blood. His grandmother was the piano player for silent films at the Preston, Minnesota silent picture show, and his mother practiced piano while little Warren sat under the piano bench, playing with toy cars. His older brother had a rock band, and they practiced in the basement. When his brother would leave the house, Warren would sneak down to the basement to play with the instruments. As he grew older, though, he developed musical tastes of his own, and decided to pick up the guitar. Throughout high school, he practiced, and joined small local bands. He moved to L.A., however, to check out the growing metal scene that was happening there. He met Stephen Pearcy, and together, they started a group called Mickey Ratt. Mickey Ratt would turn into Ratt by 1983, and they would dominate the charts in the early 80's. Ratt managed to ride the wave of glam metal until the end of the 80's, when Stephen Pearcy left the band for a solo career in 1992. The band soldiered on without him, but DeMartini did take some time to release a solo album in 1997 entitled Crazy Enough to Sing To You, which received excellent reviews but only moderate sales. Today, Ratt tours with all the original members except Stephen Pearcy. DeMartini's licks are still hot, making him one of the most under rated guitarists around today.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Eighties Metal

Bands That Warren DeMartini Has Played For:

Warren DeMartini Has Worked With:
Bobby Blotzer Steven Pearcy Juan Croucier Robbin Crosby Robbie Crane John Corabi

Warren DeMartini Was Influenced By:
Jeff Beck Eric Clapton Miles Davis Billy Gibbons Jimi Hendrix Gary Moore Joe Perry Randy Rhoads Uli John Roth Michael Schenker Pete Townshend Eddie Van Halen Joe Walsh Frank Zappa
Guitar Techniques used by Warren DeMartini
Pick Harmonic
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"The cocky rock and roll hero who knows all the answers was actually a terrified guy who didn't know how to cry."

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