Vivian Campbell

Born: August 25, 1962
Belfast, Ireland

After being expelled from School at the age of 16 for being overly rebellious, Vivian Campbell joined a band called Sweet Savage. He played with them until 1982, when he successfully auditioned for Dio. After expressing differences with some of the other members of Dio, Campbell moved on to form Trinity. This band never really got off the ground, but resulted in his touring with Whitesnake in latter 1987. This, unfortunately, never resulted in any recorded material. Vivian joined the Riverdogs in the late 80's, and enjoyed some success with their self-titled album. In the early 90's, he moved on to Shadow King. In 1992, after the unfortunate demise of Steve Clark, Campbell joined Def Leppard.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Eighties Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Vivian Campbell Has Played For:
Def Leppard Dio Whitesnake Riverdogs, The Clock

Vivian Campbell Has Worked With:
David Coverdale Ronnie James Dio Jimmy Bain Vinny Appice Phil Collen Rick Savage Joe Elliott Claude Schnell Rudy Sarzo Adrian Vandenberg Tommy Aldridge Steve Clark
Guitar Techniques used by Vivian Campbell
Pick Harmonic
Pick Screech
Dive Bomb
Palm Mute
Feedback / Sustain
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"I don't go onstage with some kind of messianic vision or anything. I'm basically going out there hoping my guitar is in tune."

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