Lita Ford

Born: September 19, 1958
London, England

Lita and her family immigrated to America when she was still quite young. They eventually made it to Los Angeles, and Lita’s interest in the popular music scene of the times was evident as soon as they arrived. She loved rock and roll guitar, and began taking lessons when she was 11 years old. She practiced the guitar every day, and tried to imitate her heroes, such as Joe Perry, Nancy Wilson, and Randy Rhoads. When she turned 16, she was asked to join the Runaways, an all-girl act from L.A. She joined, and they produced just short of ten rocking punk albums. The band also endured several lineup changes, as well as mismanagement and money problems. Many of the members left, including Lita, and the band disintegrated. Lita decided to attempt a solo career.

She took some vocal lessons, and began writing songs. She worked several odd jobs to support herself while she wrote and played. She signed with Mercury Records, went into the studio, and in 1983, she released Out for Blood. It received a fair amount of attention in the young metal scene that was heating up in L.A., but it wasn’t until 1985’s Dancin’ On the Edge that she hit big with “Gotta Let Go.” The song heated up the charts, the radio, and she received a Grammy nomination. However, problems with Mercury were coming to a head, and they refused to release her next album, The Bride Wore Black. She switched to Dreamland Records, but it was four years until she released her biggest commercial success, her self-titled Lita album. “Kiss Me Deadly” went to No. 2 on the charts, and “Close My Eyes Forever” was a prom-hit, as she and Ozzy Osbourne performed a duet. In 1990, she released Stiletto, which failed to produce any singles, but contained some excellent material. Dangerous Curves was released in 1992, and Lita took sabbatical to concentrate on her family.

Lita had a son, and has turned her attentions toward him and her husband. She plans to record and tour again, but not until she raises her son to be old enough to handle her being away. She is an excellent musician, determined mother and devoted wife, and her fans await her return.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Eighties Metal

Bands That Lita Ford Has Played For:
Runaways, The

Lita Ford Has Worked With:
Ozzy Osbourne Joan Jett Cherie Currie Vicki Blue Jackie Fox Sandy West

Lita Ford Was Influenced By:
Gary Moore Jimmy Page Joe Perry Nancy Wilson
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"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it."

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