Brian "Head" Welch

Born: June 19, 1970
Torrance, CA, USA

Head was the one who showed Munky some licks on the seven string, and after that, the competition was on. When one would learn new material, the other would scramble to catch up. They've been playing together since high school, and driving each other. They started together in a band called LAPD, who would eventually invite singer Jonathan Davis to become their frontman, and change their name to Korn. Korn has grown to become the new millenium's first Metallica. Head has been an innovative guitar player, escaping from the melodic sing-song tunes that began invading the radio in the late 90's. His style is much more noise-oriented and piercing, and sometimes downright hard to listen to. Saturated in effects and sometimes hard to grasp, Head is an additional freak in the sideshow that is Korn.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Guitar Backup Vocals

Rapcore Heavy Metal

Bands That Brian "Head" Welch Has Played For:

Brian "Head" Welch Has Worked With:
James "Munky" Shaffer Jonathan Davis Reginald Arvizu David Silveria Jay Gordon
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"Music is religion for me. There'll be music in the hereafter, too."

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