James "Munky" Shaffer

Born: June 6, 1970
Rosedale, CA, USA

Munky started playing the guitar after a childhood accident left him missing the tip of one finger. The doctor said that, in order to heal the finger correctly, he should excercise his hands regularly. The best and most interesting way Munky could think of was to start playing a guitar that his parents had previously purchased him, but had since sat, gathering dust in his closet. In high school, he was asked to join the band LAPD, by Head Welch, but the deciding factor seemed to be his long hair rather than his ability to play. It didn't matter; as long as he was jamming he was happy. It was when Jonathan Davis, the lead singer for Sexart, joined the rest of LAPD that Korn was formed. Munky is still playing with Korn, and is enjoying the height of his career.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter

Heavy Metal Rapcore

Bands That James "Munky" Shaffer Has Played For:

James "Munky" Shaffer Has Worked With:
Brian "Head" Welch David Silveria Jonathan Davis Reginald Arvizu Jay Gordon

James "Munky" Shaffer Was Influenced By:
Steve Vai
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"I wanna do a better album each time. And if I cannot do that, I will not record."

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