Wes Borland

Born: February 7, 1975
Nashville, TN, USA

Wes Borland is the son of a minister from Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up, Wes was musically inclined and wanted to take drum lessons, but his parents insisted on the guitar instead. Hesitantly, Wes began taking fingerpicking lessons and learning country music. This was in direct conflict with what he actually enjoyed listening to, which was rock and roll. Wes began listening to Metallica, Black Flag and Testament at a very young age. He hated country music, and hated the lessons. His parents found a man who would teach lessons in rock and blues, and Wes began taking these lessons, as well as studying classical and jazz. High school was a lonely place for Borland. Nearly every day, he was terrorized for being different, and he separated himself from anyone that might possibly beat him up or bully him. He immersed himself in his music and work, and was actually working as a bartender when he heard about Fred Durst wanting him to join Limp Bizkit. Borland was already in another band, but eventually joined Bizkit and contributed the underlying noise that really ties the sound together. He was fired from the band briefly, however, due to inner-band skirmishes between Borland and Durst, and what Borland describes as a lack of medication on his part (he is daily medicated for A.D.D.). But, with no luck replacing him, he was quickly begged to rejoin the group, and eventually, again, he did. With Limp Bizkit he remained, carving a place for himself amongst the guitar greats of the world. He started a side project with his brother, Scott Borland, entitled Big Dumb Face. And, recently, Borland left Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst behind, in search of a "less commercial" style of music. It should be interesting to see what the Freak has to offer.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Backup Vocals Guitar Songwriter


Bands That Wes Borland Has Played For:
Limp Bizkit Big Dumb Face

Wes Borland Has Worked With:
Fred Durst Jay Gordon Scott Borland Kyle Weeks Greg Isabelle Chris Gibbs

Wes Borland Was Influenced By:
David Bowie Les Claypool Wes Montgomery
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"We're not black magic satanists. I don't drink blood. I may wear black underpants now and again, but that's it."

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