Fred Durst

Born: August 20, 1971
Jacksonville, FL, USA

After a stint in the Navy, Durst returned to North Carolina, where he had been raised. There, he put his artistic talent to work as a tattoo artist. As fate has it, Durst ends up inking Fieldy, the bass player for the insanely popular band Korn. Durst slides Fieldy a demo of his new band, Limp Bizkit, which also features his friend Sam Rivers, John Otto, Wes Borland and DJ Lethal, and the next thing you know, there is a major-label bidding war going on over Limp Bizkit's first record contract. Since then, Durst and Limp Bizkit have constantly been in the music limelight, either from collaborating with other artists and releasing new hit singles, or for allegedly causing riot conditions at Woodstock. In either case, Durst and his band Limp Bizkit are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals


Bands That Fred Durst Has Played For:
Limp Bizkit

Fred Durst Has Worked With:
Wes Borland David File Ty Elam Rohan Cowden Mark Davis Kris Kohls Tommy Lee Method Man Eminem Jay Gordon

Fred Durst Was Influenced By:
Kurt Cobain Maynard James Keenan
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"Stealing artists' music without paying for it is absolutely piracy, and I'm talking about major labels, not Napster."

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