Heath Wright

Born: April 22, 1967
Wichita, KS, USA

Heath Wright grew up wanting to be a cowboy, like his adopted father, on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. However, when his parents gave him guitar lessons for his ninth birthday present, his interests began to lean toward country music. After he had a couple of years of guitar lessons under his belt, he put together a band he called the Blackgum Mountain Boys. They gigged family reunions, school parties and the like, before their bass player left for greener pastures. Heath had a friend at school that he taught to play a bass, and they played until they decided to break up. At that point, Heath went back to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where he finished his degree in Business Management. He worked off and on with a band called Singletree, but eventually decided to further his education and learn about Western Swing music at Southern Plains College in Texas. After gaining and Associates Degree in Commercial Music, he moved to Nashville and started the band Lariat. Lariat only lasted about a month before splitting up, and Wright moved on, getting back in touch with his high school bass player to start a new band. He recruited more old friends, a couple of new ones, and formed Ricochet in 1993. Ricochet has gone through a couple of drummers, but has managed to release three albums since then, and gain a steady following as a very popular country outfit.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Guitar Songwriter

Contemporary Country

Bands That Heath Wright Has Played For:
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"Success in pop music is like being let into a bank vault with a shovel and you don't know how long you've got so you shovel like mad."

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