Dave Matthews

Born: January 9, 1967
Johannesburg, South Africa

David Matthews grew up in South Africa for a short time, and his family moved to several different places around the world before settling in Virginia. His interests in music were apparent at a young age, and he was able to form a diverse and broad interest because of his living conditions. Dave found himself drawn to percussion and drums at first, but eventually started to write songs on a guitar. However, because of Dave’s fathers’ death, and again because of his living conditions, his grades suffered, and he became a lazy student. After high school, Dave supported himself with odd jobs as a clerk, as a warehouse worker, and eventually as a bartender as a means to support him self, and began to figure out a way he could start a band. Dave started to learn the local music scene, and introduced himself to several jazz and roots players around town. Eventually, Dave, Leroi Miller, and Carter Beauford formed a jam band. These two musicians really helped Dave’s music skills, and they taught him to read tablature. With a few more additions, they formed the Dave Matthews Band, a funky, homespun act that caught on quickly. They had several hit records in the mid- to late-90’s, and they have played every major venue in the U.S., including Woodstock ’99. Matthews and band have recently released their latest CD, entitled Everyday.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals


Bands That Dave Matthews Has Played For:
Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Has Worked With:
Carlos Santana Leroi Moore Boyd Tinsley Stefan Lessard Carter Beauford
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"I'm searching for all forms of music out there. But I don't see no more Billie Holidays, no more Marvin Gayes, no more Smokey Robinsons. I don't even see no more Nirvanas."

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