Brian Lemon

Born: February 11, 1937
Nottingham, England

Brian is married with one son and a recent addition of a grandson. He has worked as a professional musician since starting his musical career in Nottingham with the Freddy Randall Band. Since that time he has worked with many well known British Groups (Sandy Brown, George Chisholm, Dave Shepherd, Alex Welsh, Pizza Express All-Stars and the Best of British Jazz Band). He is also much in demand with visiting American stars including Benny Goodman, Scott Hamilton, Warren Vache and many others.

Instruments Played / Skills:


Bands That Brian Lemon Has Played For:
Charlie Watts Tentet

Brian Lemon Has Worked With:
Julian Arguelles Dave Green Luis Jardim Anthony Kerr Peter King Henry Lowther Evan Parker Gerard Presencer Charlie Watts
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