Scott Phillips

Born: February 22, 1973
Madison, FL, USA

Instruments Played / Skills:

Post-Grunge Resurgence

Bands That Scott Phillips Has Played For:

Scott Phillips's Gear:
    Premier Signia in silver sparkle finish
    6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beuty snare
    8x10 tom
    9x12 tom
    16x16 floor tom
    18x22 bass drum

    14" A Custom hi-hats
    16" A Custom crash
    18" Z Custom medium crash
    10" K splash
    18" Z Custom Rock crash
    22" A Custom Ping ride
    18" China Trash

    Hardware: Gilbralter drum rack, DW 5000 series hi-hat stand, DW 5002 AT double bass pedal(fairly tight spring tension) with plastic beaters

    Sticks: Kit Tools Scott Phillips model (hickory with wood tip)
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"Critics can't even make music by rubbing their back legs together."

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