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Famous Monsters


Sean formed the Famous Monsters when White Zombie was about to call it quits. After WZ seperated she put her full attention to this side project. Famous Monsters is a trio of female monsters who play surf rock. The line-up today is: Devil Doll or Devilina on lead guitar(aka Sean Yseult), Vampire Girl on rhythm guitar(aka Katie Campbell), and She-Zilla on drums(aka Carol Cutshall). They made 3 vinyl's and 2 cd's. The vinyls are really hard to find but the cds can probably be found on the Internet or Tower and Rasputin records. Famous Monsters first toured in 1998 all over the USA. After that they just disappeared. Until recently a website had an answer to their wearabouts. They moved to Tokyo, Japan without saying a word. They are still there now and just played a couple of shows at the end of last month this year.

Band Members:
Katie Campbell
Carol Cutshall
Sean Yseult

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