Brett Garsed

Born: April 20, 1963

Garsed started playing at the age of 12 after hearing Deep Puple's "Speed King". He received his 1st break when he got to be John Farnham's lead guitarist (played on the famous "Whispering Jack" album). Came to the US when he was 27 (as Nelson's guitar player).In 1991, he appeared on MVP-Centrifugal Funk (alongside Frank Gambale and Shawn Lane). This album is considered a landmark in 90's jazz/fusion. Then went on to record two highly acclaimed rock/fusion albums with T.J Helmerich(another guitar genius) called "Quid Pro Quo" and "Exempt" on the Legato Records label. He has also played on Bobby Rock's "Out Of Body" album in '96. He then came out with "Under The Lash of Gravity" with TJ Helmerich which was a very experimental album (with lots of electronica influences). Just released a new album with TJ called "Uncle Moe's Space Ranch" in 2001. It features Gary Willis and Scott Kinsey (of Tribal Tech) as well as the legendary Dennis Chambers on drums. A pure fusion album with astounding musicmanship throughout.

Brett is an instructor at the Musician's Institute(GIT). He's got a mind-bending legato technique in conjunction with flawless right hand technique(where he uses his fingers along with the pick). His amazing style can be seen in his REH instructional video "RockFusion"(which is a must see for any guitar lover).

You can find this information and much more at his website, Brett Garsed's Official Website.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Brett Garsed Has Worked With:
Gunnar Nelson Matthew Nelson

Brett Garsed Was Influenced By:
Jeff Beck Ritchie Blackmore Larry Carlton Eric Clapton Rory Gallagher Allan Holdsworth Eddie Van Halen
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"I don't listen to music. I hate all music."

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