Tommy Lee

Born: October 3, 1962
Athens, Greece

Tommy Lee was always destined to be a drummer. The hyperactive child of a Greek mother and an American father, he would often set up makeshift drumsets, made out of boxes and coffee cans, and give performances. He would pound along to Kiss albums. At age 15, he started playing in public, dreaming of being a professional musician. He started a band in high school with friend Vince Neil, and had some success. Add Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx, and you have one of the most successful hair metal groups of the 80's - Motley Crue. The Crue enjoyed a successful ride on the rock and roll machine, practically defining the rock and roll lifestyle of the decade. Chicks, drugs and fast cars were the only items on the agenda, until Vince Neil left the band in 1992. They hired John Corabi to take his place, and they released on album and supported it with a small venue tour, but it was considered a commercial failure by the band's enormous standards. Corabi was eventually asked to leave, and replaced with Vince Neil. The reunion album, Generation Swine, was a let-down after it had been hyped for so long. It was at this time that Tommy Lee's personal life began to invade the tabloid headlines, with spousal abuse charges being made by wife and actress, Pamela Anderson Lee. At the same time, Motley Crue's record deal was in question with their current label, and they moved to another label. It wasn't long after this that a intimate video of Tommy and Pamela hit the internet for all to see. Problems on the workfront heated, as Lee was in combat much of the time with Vince Neil, and he split from Motley Crue to form his own rapcore group, Methods of Mayhem. With the help of such artists as Fred Durst and Little Kim, Tommy Lee is taking his own brand of rap-metal to the streets. Most of Tommy Lee's hardcore drummer fans are now questioning his sincerity as a musician.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Drums Songwriter

Eighties Metal Rapcore

Bands That Tommy Lee Has Played For:
Motley Crue Hellacopters, The Methods of Mayhem

Tommy Lee Has Worked With:
John Corabi Nikki Sixx Vince Neil Mick Mars Fred Durst Ken Andrews Scott Kirkland Danny Lohner Lil' Kim Snoop Dogg Kid Rock George Clinton Trent Reznor Rob Zombie

Tommy Lee Was Influenced By:
John Bonham Peter Criss Keith Moon

Artists That Were Influenced By Tommy Lee:
Bill Nychay
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