Bill Nychay

Born: August 2, Elmhurst, IL, USAleo

Bill started playing drums at the age 10. He taught himself, and played his first live gig in a 1981 battle of the bands. His first endorsement was for Impact Drums and Cases. He moved to L.A. after Golden Gates was released. Diamond Rexx then went on an 8 year hiatus. In between time, he played with various other bands in L.A. He then moved to New York for about 6 months before going back to California, where Diamond Rexx got back together in spring of 2001. He now lives in La La Jolla, CA and Chicago, Il.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Heavy Metal

Bands That Bill Nychay Has Played For:
Diamond Rexx

Bill Nychay Has Worked With:
SS Nasti Habits Basil Cooper

Bill Nychay Was Influenced By:
Tommy Aldridge Tommy Lee Steve Smith

Bill Nychay's Gear:
    • Impact Drums/Cases
    • Maxx sticks
    • Zildjian Cymbals
    • Power Wrist Builders
    • RhythmTech
    • Tamma Drums and Hardware
    • SKG- Drum Cases
    • Vater Sticks
    • Pork Pie Drum Throne
    • Power Wrist Builders
    • The Drum Pad(Only drum shop to buy from)
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"I only know five people who haven't taken drugs and that's my mam, me gran, me father-in-law, me mother-in-law, and my newborn baby."

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