Vince Neil

Born: February 8, 1961
Hollywood, CA, USA

Vince's first band in high school was a smash success. Vince had been asked to join because he had the longest hair in school, but ended up blowing the roof off his parent's house at a party. His parents were very supportive of his singing. He began to make a name for himself around school as a rocker, and soon was approached by friend Tommy Lee. Lee was putting together a band, and wanted Neil to join. At first, Vince turned him down, not wanting to divert from his current course, which was with the band Rock Candy. As it turned out, Candy split and Neil ended up taking over the lead singer position for the band Lee had put together, Motley Crue. The Crue ruled the 80's decade with their self-endulgant rock and roll anthems, and Vince Neil's instantly recognizable voice is a large part of their success. But it 1984, Neil spent 30 days in jail and paid immense fines after driving the car that killed one and hospitalized 2 others. In an intoxicated haze, Neil and a friend from the band Hanoi Rocks left his home to get more alcohol. On their way, Neil's sportscar slid out of control and slammed into an oncoming car, killing his friend and seriously injuring the couple in the other car. After this horrible experience, Neil decided to clean up his lifestyle, and encouraged the other members of Motley Crue to do the same. It worked for a while, but other members of the band were having problems living the clean life and started partying again. Vince Neil was exasperated, and there was now conflict where there had never been conflict before - amongst the members of Motley Crue. When Neil left the band in 1992, Motley Crue continued on without him, but never enjoyed the kind of success that they had known with him. Neil himself put out a solo album with the help of ex-Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, and, while the album enjoyed some radio airplay and had a couple of singles, it didn't live up to the old Motley Crue standard that fans had grown accustomed to. Neil eventually went back with Motley Crue, to everyone's delight, and put out another album. In between that time, Neil experienced personal tragedy when his daughter of four years old, Skylar, died of leukemia. Neil was shattered, and went through a long period of mourning. The albums Motley Crue has put out since the breakup in 1992 have lacked the energy and ingenuity of Motley Crue past, and since the departure of original drummer and one-man attaction Tommy Lee, Motley Crue is again missing an important element to the dynamic recipe that catapulted the group to superstardom in the me-decade.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals Guitar

Eighties Metal

Bands That Vince Neil Has Played For:
Motley Crue

Vince Neil Has Worked With:
Nikki Sixx Mick Mars Steve Stevens Tommy Lee Robbie Crane Vik Foxx Dave Marshall

Vince Neil's Discography:
Release Date: 1993
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