Alan Gerber

Born: May 27, 1947
Chicago, IL, USA

Alan Michael Gerber made his debut recording at the age of 15. As one half of the duo, Michael and Lee, he was signed to Chicago's Earic Records, which issued the single 'It's You I am Thinking of' in 1963. Following the single's release, he continued to perform at clubs in the Windy City before starting a BA in music at the Roosevelt University in the fall of 1965. During his time studying, Gerber developed his songwriting abilities, and while visiting New York in early 1967 was invited to audition for Elektra producer Paul Rothchild. Rothchild subsequently offered Gerber the choice of a solo deal or a position in the rock band, Rhinoceros. Gerber chose the latter and contributed to Rhincoeros' first two albums, before leaving to embark on a solo career in August 1969. The following year, he signed to Shelter Records and recorded 'Album' with producer Denny Cordell. In the mid-'70s, Gerber moved to Montreal and issued the Canadian-only single, 'Tied On' backed by a cover of Edif Piaf's 'Milord'. He also recorded some tracks with The O'Jays' support band, including 'Money Can't Save You', subsequently covered by Blood, Sweat & Tears, but the tracks were never released. During this period, he was also featured in Bob Dylan's film Renaldo and Clara, performing 2 songs. Over the next decade, Gerber continued to perform in Canada, where he is now permanently based and also toured France, where he briefly lived. During the '90s, Gerber returned to the studios to record the first of three albums for the Mugwamp label. His albums so far are: The Chicken Walk (1995), Fools That Try (1997) and The Boogie Man (1999). He is currently working on a new album and lives outside Montreal.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Piano Vocals

Rock and Roll

Bands That Alan Gerber Has Played For:

Alan Gerber Has Worked With:
John Finley Jerry Penrod Danny Weis Doug Hastings Michael Fonfara Billy Mundi Steve Weis Peter Hodgson
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