Malcolm Tomlinson

Born: June 16, 1946
Isleworth, Middlesex, England

Multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Tomlinson first started playing in 1961 in the West London band The Panthers, but soon found more steady work in Jeff Curtis & The Flames, the house band at the famous Ealing Jazz and Blues Club in Ealing, West London, where the nascent Rolling Stones frequently played. The group, featuring Tomlinson's life-long friend Louis McKelvey, recorded a demo with Joe Meek, but nothing came of it. In early 1965, Tomlinson left the band to tour Germany with James Deane & The London Cats, but soon returned to London to join Motivation, a soul/blues act that supported visiting US artists like The Vibrations and The Coasters at venues like the Scotch of St James in London and Manchester's Working Men's club. The band's later line-up also included future Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre. During 1967, the band worked as the house band at the famous Piper Club in Rome, Italy for six months and recorded a rare single for Direction in London. As the blues boom took hold, the group subsequently changed name to Gethsemane and opened for Fleetwood Mac and Jethro Tull. In October 1968, Tomlinson played on a BBC session with Elton John and recorded three tracks. When Barre left the band in January 1969 to join Jethro Tull, Tomlinson took up his old friend, Louis McKelvey's offer to move to Canada to play in the rock band Milkwood, who opened for The Who at the Rock Pile in Toronto in May 1969 and recorded an unreleased album for Polydor Records in New York. Shortly after an appearance at the Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival Concert, the band broke up and Tomlinson and McKelvey formed the biker band Damage, who opened for The Grand Funk Railroad in Toronto during 1970. When this band collapsed, Tomlinson joined Rhinoceros, but was soon forced to drop out after breaking his arm. He subsequently recorded with Toronto bands, Syrinx and Bearfoot before joining Rick James's first Stone City Band. An album of material was recorded but later shelved and Tomlinson went on to form his own group, which led to a recording deal with A&M Records. During the late '70s he issued 2 solo albums: Coming Outta Nowhere and Rock 'N' Roll Hermit. He currently lives in Toronto.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Drums Vocals

Rock and Roll

Bands That Malcolm Tomlinson Has Played For:

Malcolm Tomlinson Has Worked With:
John Finley Michael Fonfara Peter Hodgson Larry Leishman Rick James Elton John
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