David Draimen

David Draimen's parents originally had hoped that he would grow up and become a Rabbi! Because the Draimens couldn't put up with David's outlook on life, they put him through hell as a kid, going through 9 different boarding schools, until he was kicked out on his ass at age 18! From there, David had several endless jobs which got him nowhere until he answered an add for a local band. David tried out, and that night, Disturbed was formed. They began writing music right away! Disturbed's music deals with the unattractive side of human behavior. David doesn't consider himself as a rapper, nor a singer. He considers himself the voice inside our heads, telling us all that we are human and we do act like this.

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Instruments Played / Skills:

Heavy Metal

Bands That David Draimen Has Played For:

David Draimen Has Worked With:
Dan Donegan Fuzz Mike Wengreen

David Draimen Was Influenced By:
Method Man Maynard James Keenan
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"You don't need any brains to listen to music."

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