Brent Titcomb

Born: August 10, 1940
Vancouver, Canada

Brent Arthur Titcomb was born in Vancouver on August 10, 1940 and spent the early '60s playing the folk club scene in the Vancouver area, combining traditional folk songs with a little comedy. Often he would perform his comedy routine under the names 'Uncle Roy Plain' or 'Dr Mezner' and book himself at two clubs on the same night, performing as a folk musician at one and as a comedian at the other.

In mid-1964 Oscar Brand invited him to the Calgary Stampede and while there he befriended singer Donna Warner. Later that year they reunited in Vancouver and with the addition of guitarist Trevor Veitch they formed The Bill Schwartz Quartet, which soon became better known as 3's a Crowd. Titcomb remained with the band from its inception in June 1965 until May 1968.

In the months that followed his departure from the group, Titcomb pursued a modest solo career performing at coffeehouses across Canada. In July 1970 he made his solo debut at Toronto's Mariposa Folk Festival and soon afterwards started to make his name as a songwriter. His compositions ''Sing High, Sing Low'; 'People's Park'; 'Sycamore Slick'; 'Lift Your Hearts To The Sun'; 'Bring Back The Love' and 'I Still Wish You The Very Best' were all recorded by Anne Murray and for a short while in 1969, he joined her back up band.

In 1977, Titcomb recorded his eponymous debut album, which was followed by 'Time Traveller' in 1982. He has also appeared on recordings by Bruce Cockburn and has worked closely with singer Tommy Graham. Since then, he has worked in a number of fields, from song jingles for Canadian Tire (he has even appeared on a postage stamp commemorating the company's 75th anniversary) to voice-overs for TV programmes 'The Care Bears' and 'Clifford The Dog'. Most recently he has begun work on a new solo album, abetted by long-standing collaborator Tommy Graham.

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Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Harmonica Guitar

Rock and Roll

Bands That Brent Titcomb Has Played For:
3's a Crowd (1964-1968)

Brent Titcomb Has Worked With:
Ken Koblun Trevor Veitch Donna Warner David Wiffen Richard Patterson Anne Murray
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