Court Pickett

Born: February 3, 1950
Athens, GA, USA

Moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a child. So much music was going on in that area in the 60's. Court became emersed in the scene as a teenager. First band was The Gents. At 19 years of age Court formed a band with his buddies Frank Freidman, Bill Stewart, Ronnie Brown, and Art Shilling. The band was the forerunner of Wet Willie and was named The Willie Band. Phil Walden Agency signed them to a contract and they moved to Macon, Georgia. Court left to play in a band with his hometown friends Chuck Leavell, Charlie Hayward and Lou Mullenix. They recorded an album named Sundown, which was the name of the band. After a couple of years in Macon Court moved back to Tuscaloosa, Ala. where he ran into his friend John Wyker. They created Sailcat and had the hit record "Motorcycle Mama"in the early 70's. Sailcat toured the country culminating with a final tour that began at Carnegie Hall and ended in Los Angeles at the the Santa Monica Civic Center playing there two nights with David Bowie at his first concerts on the West Coast. Court recorded a solo album "Fancy Dancer" after the final tour. Court has moved to the Carolina's and is currently residing there.

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"The only people who are ever gonna tell you that you can't accomplish something are the ones who've failed."

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