Ted Nugent

Born: December 13, 1948
Detroit, MI, USA

Ted Nugent taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 8 years old. He was joining bands by the time he was a teenager, and soon formed the Amboy Dukes, which started as a garage band but ended up a major attraction in the midwest, with a record deal and contract. But, dissatisfied with his position in the Dukes, Nugent split to pursue a solo career. He has gone through several band members during his solo career, and has earned a reputation for being hard to work with. But, in 1989, Nugent joined with Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades to form Damn Yankees, a highly successful band that had more than one radio hit. All in all, in his later years, Nugent has become much more concerned with his conservation and pro-hunting causes than rock and roll. You can catch him droning on about this on his morning radio show in Detroit.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Hard Rock

Bands That Ted Nugent Has Played For:
Damn Yankees Amboy Dukes, The

Ted Nugent Has Worked With:
Tommy Shaw Jack Blades Micheal Cartellone Marco Mendoza Tommy Aldridge

Ted Nugent Was Influenced By:
Chuck Berry Jimi Hendrix

Artists That Were Influenced By Ted Nugent:
David Anderson West Arkeen Damon Johnson Jason Newsted
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