Hank Williams Jr.

Born: May 26, 1949
Shreveport, LA, USA

It isn't easy being the son of the first country-western superstar, but Hank Jr. is one country boy who has survived. He was only three years old when his daddy died, and it wasn't long after that when Hank Jr. was on stage immitating him. He was singing his songs, dressing like him, and pleasing audiences from the Grand Ole Opry to the Ed Sullivan Show. And it wasn't until his late teenage years that Jr. started to really feel his oates. He had a rock and roll persona that he kept separate from his country fans, and he started to move away from the similarities that he shared with his father. The inner struggle to make his own mark on the music business, coupled together with alcohol and drug abuse, lead him to attempt suicide. But Hank did recover, and relocated to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to release the great Hank Williams Jr. and Friends. On this album, his new and improved attitude was apparent. While not a commercial success, Hank Jr. was very proud of the rock and roll meets country-western sound he had created. After finishing the album, however, tragedy struck. While attempting to climb Ajaz Mountain in Montana, Hank fell over 500 feet to land amongst trees and underbrush. He had split his head entirely open, injured his face beyond recognition, and was half-alive when he was found. Hank Jr. did persevere, only after nearly a half dozen operations. Doctors reported that it was due to his excellent outlook on life that he survived at all. When he finally went back out on the road, he started playing clubs and country festivals, trying to build a crowd of young followers to help make his new vision a reality. Since then, he has produced many country albums that are considered standards as far as country music collectors are concerned. Many of his songs speak to new generations of listeners as well as old. Writing anthems of freedom and pride in heritage, Hank Williams Jr. would have made his father proud.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Vocals Songwriter Keyboards Bass Guitar Drums Fiddle Banjo Harmonica Steel Guitar

Conventional Country Contemporary Country Country-Rock Traditional Country Resurgence

Hank Williams Jr. Has Worked With:
Cowboy Copas Johnny Cash Jerry Lee Lewis Kid Rock Larrie Londin Joey Miskulin Gordon Titcomb

Artists That Were Influenced By Hank Williams Jr.:
David Anderson Mark Herndon Kid Rock
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