Garth Brooks

Born: February 7, 1962
Tulsa (Luba?), OK, USA

Garth liked music when he was a kid, and when he got his scholarship to Oklahoma State University, he took the opportunity to begin playing bars in Stillwater and surrounding towns. Even though his scholarship was in athletics, he much preferred music and decided to take it full time. When he wasn't performing, he was a bouncer at a popular local club. After graduating with a degree in marketing, he moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a famous country-western musician. Disenchanted with the music industry, he decided to hang it up and move back to Oklahoma. All of this took place in less than one day; he had only been in Nashville 23 hours. Once back in Oklahoma, he began to perform in Oklahoma clubs, and remained for two years, when he decided to give Nashville a shot again. This time, with a supportive wife and a more realistic outlook, he thought he might stand a chance. Once in Nashville, Brooks began making contacts with aspiring songwriters, who could put him in touch with important people in the music business. He began singing on songwriters' demo tapes, and circulating them to the all the record labels in town. Despite his connections, however, labels were not willing to sign him. It was his live performance in a club that caught a record executive's eye one night, and he got a record deal with Capitol Records. His debut record, Garth Brooks, slowly caught on, but it wasn't until his next release, No Fences, that Garth established himself as the new driving force behind country music. Garth was pushing the boundaries of what people thought country music was supposed to be. His concerts resembled a Kiss concert, with it's pyrotechnics and laser light show. Garth made country music exciting, and a new generation of country music listeners were catching on. Garth has enjoyed an extremely successful career, with over 6 hit albums in under a decade, and many accolades from both the country-western and pop music communities. Lately, he has taken time off to enjoy his new family, and his latest project is somewhat of a puzzle. He has indulged his rock and roll fantasies by playing the role of a rock and roll superstar phenomenon named Chris Gaines. Gaines is a character that Garth Brooks created for a possible movie role. This has put off many of Brooks' die-hard country fans, and Gaines has never been accepted by the rock and roll community.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Country-Rock Contemporary Country Traditional Country Resurgence

Garth Brooks Has Worked With:
Trisha Yearwood John Beland

Garth Brooks Was Influenced By:
Merle Haggard Billy Joel George Jones George Strait Conway Twitty
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