Niccolo Paganini

Born: October 27, 1782
Genoa, Italy
Died: May 27, 1840

Niccolo Paganini suffered from such a severe case of the measles at such an early age that it caused him to bout illness for the rest of his life. In spite of this, Paganini began learning music at the tender age of 5, when his father started giving him mandolin lessons. His father taught him unscrupulously, and with an iron hand. He would not allow his son to play, and each mistake was corrected with brutal force. By the age of 7, Niccolo had switched to the violin, and he began immediately composing and performing his compositions in public. His had began lessons with other teachers, outgrowing both his father and teachers at an awesome rate. His father never relented on his overbearing rule, despite successful compositions and widespread public endearment. By the time Niccolo was 16 years old, he was so fed up with his father's tyrranical control that he was determined to make enough money to support himself and move away from him. And this he did, but his newfound freedom proved more than he could handle. He dealved into womanizing and especially gambling. After gambling away his violin, a friend let him borrow his Guarnerius, a very valuable instrument. When his friend heard him play the fine violin, he was so moved with emotion that he gave the violin to Niccolo as a gift. Niccolo almost gambled this violin as well, but came to the realization that he had a problem with gambling and swore never to gamble again. And he didn't. He enjoyed such success after this that he was considered a legend, even in his own lifetime. He was the undisputed king of all violinists, despite the illnesses that plagued him all the way through his lifetime. He always managed to summons the strength to play a concert, and usually worked a vigorous schedule. His ghastly appearance was a topic of discussion in all social circles - some people believed he was the son of the devil. At one time, people thought this to be true to the degree that they would cross themselves if they touched him accidentally. Paganini was even forced at one time to prove that he had human parents. This didn't stop the public from consuming his music as quickly as he could compose it. He was getting sicker and sicker, however, in his later years, but never relaxed his schedule. Even on his deathbed, he turned away a priest because he said he wasn't dying yet, and didn't need him. And because he wasn't given his final rights, the church refused him burial on holy ground. They eventually relented, however, when Paganini's father appealed directly to the Pope.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Composer Guitar Violin

Classical Music

Artists That Were Influenced By Niccolo Paganini:
Yngwie J. Malmsteen
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"I wrote my own future. I had to. It was the only way out."

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