Born: October 17, 1974
Kansas City, MO, USA

Marshal Mathers was born to a father who left him at a very early age, and a mother that is suspected of having suffered from the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy disorder. Bounced from relative to relative, he finally found a true friend in his Uncle Ronnie, who was around the same age as Eminem and could relate to his feelings. Mathers was constantly harassed at school and in the various of neighborhoods that he grew up in, and he suffered from depression and anxiety because of this. He received regular beatings from neighborhood bullies. He began to take out his aggressions by listening to rap music, along with his uncle. Ronnie developed his beat-boxing skills, and would make tapes for Mathers to rap over. Mathers began writing his own rap lyrics at the young age of thirteen, but he was too embarrassed to rap in front of anyone. When Ronnie heard the tapes that Mathers had rapped over, he was so impressed that he began pushing Em to rap in front of other people. During his high school years, Mathers (who was now going by Eminem, a combination of his initials, M&M) began defending himself by rapping in rap-battles around the schoolyard and neighborhood. He was so quick-witted and fast with his rhyming ability that he quickly made a name for himself around the school. He met his high school girlfriend and future wife, Kim Scott, during his first attempt at the ninth grade. But before long, it would be apparent that Eminem’s interests didn’t lie in his education, and he left school. After making a few appearances on open mic night at a local radio station, Eminem gained enough popularity to start rapping in local clubs. Even after being booed the first few nights he appeared, Em continued on and began to have a small underground following. But, after hearing the news that his beloved Uncle Ronnie had committed suicide, Mathers fell into a deep depression that lasted just more than two years. He quit writing and rapping, and began to seclude himself from everyone but his girlfriend, Kim. In 1995, however, Kim told Em that she was pregnant, and later gave birth to their daughter, Hailie. This inspired Mathers to continue on with his rap career, and he again hit the club and local radio station circuit, trying once again to make a name for himself. In 1996, he released Infinite on an underground rap label, to no avail. Eminem was experiencing personal problems on all fronts as well. Kim and Eminem were fighting constantly, Kim's parents didn't want her to stay with him because they thought of him as a thug, they had no money, and they were being evicted from their apartment. Perhaps the combination of these problems resulted in the culmination of Mather's alter ego, known as Slim Shady.

In 1997, Slim Shady was born. Mathers claimed (and still continues to claim) that Slim Shady was his alter ego, and he began rapping with a harder, more realistic edge. Not long after his re-invention, Mathers was discovered by Dr. Dre, who immediately saw Mathers' talent and was enthralled in his white-boy rap style. In February of 1999, Mathers released Slim Shady, and received critical acclaim and widespread airplay, along with a spotlight on the MTV circuit. Recently, Eminem released Marshall Mathers, which again reflects all of the turmoil that is constantly going on in his life. His legal battles and personal life are frequently splashed across the front pages of tabloid magazines, and his songs are in constant rotation on rap stations across the country. We have definitely not heard the last of Eminem.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Vocals Songwriter

West Coast Rap

Eminem Has Worked With:
Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre Fred Durst

Eminem 's Discography:
The Marshall Mathers LP
Release Date: May 23, 2000
The Slim Shady LP
Release Date: February 23, 1999
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