Robbie Williams

Born: February 13, 1974

Robbie Williams had a relatively normal childhood, compared to many other artists that are popular today. Williams’ parents owned a pub right next to his favorite English Football team’s field, and he and his sisters were often found at games on weekends. His parents separated when he was young, but his mother and father both remained as positive influences in his life. His father was a comedian, and Robbie picked up on his comical nature. His mother was very supportive of Robbie learning music and acting. At an early age, Robbie knew he wanted to perform, as he always liked performing in front of people. After a couple of sales jobs, Robbie began auditioning around town, looking for any break that could get him into acting. For a couple of episodes, he landed a bit part on a soap opera called “Brookside.” But, after responding to an ad placed in a local newspaper, Williams luck changed considerably. It was an ad that was looking for a fifth band member of a boy group. And, even though a pop band didn’t exactly fit into Williams’ acting plan, he responded anyway. He immediately thought that there was no chance of his getting a call back. While the other members of the band were boyish and cute, Williams had a tougher, more roguish look about him. With tattoos and attitude, he stuck out of the band like a sore thumb. But, approximately four weeks later, Take That! called Robbie and invited him the position of the fifth band member. In 1990, the newly formed band began rehearsal. At first, Robbie Williams didn’t want to do the dance steps, mostly because he knew he couldn’t dance very well. But, eventually Williams would fall in step, and he picked up the dance steps quicker than he thought he’d be able to. After trying to appeal to an adult market that laughed at them, the boy group finally figured out that their appropriate audience was eighteen and under screaming girls! And, in 1991, Take That! began topping charts with hit after hit, including “It Only Takes a Minute.” The boys were followed around by adoring teenage fans, and it seemed that Beatlemania was alive and well again. Robbie was the bad boy of the young group, always ready with a witty remark that would leave the others with open mouths and blushing cheeks. He was warned repeatedly by his manager to watch his conduct, but Robbie refused to become something that he wasn’t in order to gain public approval. Soon, after being told how to live, what to wear and say, where he could go, and what he could do, Williams began abusing alcohol as a release from the stresses of his reality. After an embarrassing public appearance that involved Williams and the members of Oasis, Williams was reportedly asked to leave Take That! because of his unwillingness to commit to the band to the degree that they desired. According to British tabloid magazines, hotlines had to be set up to answer calls from suicidal teenage fans that couldn’t handle the break-up of their favorite boy band. Williams felt responsible, and released a press release that apologized to his fans for the breakup, but this did little to curve the hysteria that had already set in. In the couple of years that followed the breakup, Williams would spiral out of control, drinking and partying fervently, badmouthing his ex-band mates and manager to the press, and, in general, acting like an ass. He noticeably gained weight, and the tabloids were accusing him of being a slut and a drunken druggie. He didn’t try to deny it, either, as he continued to act out on every occasion he could. Williams eventually would enter into a private rehab center, however, and begin to turn his life around. After the disappointing remake of George Michael’s “Freedom 90”, he released his debut album entitled Life Thru a Lens. It was very personal, and relayed stories from his life that were obvious to his fans. It received much fanfare, and Robbie followed it up with 1998’s I’ve Been Expecting You. 1999 saw Robbie’s The Ego Has Landed, which, for the first time, made a huge splash in America as well as Europe. Recently, Williams released Sing When You’re Winning, which may be his most popular and best-selling album to date, with hits like “Rock DJ.” Since he has cleaned up his act, he has been dominating the charts in England, and his infectious style has now spread well into America.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Songwriter Vocals

Boy Groups Teen Idols

Bands That Robbie Williams Has Played For:
Take That!

Robbie Williams Has Worked With:
Mark Owen Gary Barlow Howard Donald Jason Orange

Robbie Williams Was Influenced By:
Liam Gallagher Noel Gallagher Tom Jones John Lennon Paul McCartney
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