Vito Bratta

Born: July 1, cancer

Instruments Played / Skills:

Eighties Metal

Bands That Vito Bratta Has Played For:
White Lion

Vito Bratta Has Worked With:
Mike Tramp Greg D'Angelo James LoMenzo

Vito Bratta Was Influenced By:
Eddie Van Halen

Vito Bratta's Gear:
    Carvin Power Amp (Vito used this with his ADA MP-1 preamps.)
    Steinberger GM1TA (white 1988 model)
    1967 Marshall 4X12 Cabinet (Vito used this vintage cabinet on the Big Game album.)
Guitar Techniques used by Vito Bratta
Pick Harmonic
Pick Screech
Dive Bomb
Palm Mute
Two-Handed Tapping
Feedback / Sustain
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