Paul Gilbert

Born: November 6, 1966
Carbondale, IL, USA

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Paul Gilbert was born in November 6, 1966, and it wasn’t long after that he fell in love with music, and the guitar in particular. He was playing difficult music by the age of five, and he was playing clubs and small gigs by the age of fifteen. He was featured in Guitar Player magazine along fellow guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen, and his band Tau Zero was taking off. In 1984, Gilbert attended the Guitar Institute of Technology in L.A., and was invited to become an instructor the year after he graduated. He was also in a band that frequented many L.A. clubs, called Racer X. In 1986, they released Street Lethal, which was a tremendous underground metal success. The following year, they released Second Heat, but soon after the release of this album, Gilbert left to join Mr. Big. In 1989, Mr. Big released their self-titled debut album, and in 1991, they released Lean Into It. Their second album produced the monster radio hit “To Be With You,” but they would only stay together for two more albums before breaking up in 1996. In 1997, Gilbert debuted his solo album, King of Clubs. He has since kept busy releasing new solo material every year, with Flying Dog in 1998, Beehive Live in 1999 and Alligator Farm in 2000. He has also appeared on and produced many artists albums.

Fans and friends write in about Paul Gilbert:
When Paul was in high school, he used to go to a club outside of Pittsburgh called Stage One and watch Billy Sheehan perform in Talas. If you ask him about Stage One, he'll laugh and tell you about the big bull outside the club. Stage One used to be a steak house (now it is a music store called Hollowoods).....Doug

Instruments Played / Skills:

Eighties Metal Guitar Masters

Bands That Paul Gilbert Has Played For:
Mr. Big Racer X

Paul Gilbert Has Worked With:
Billy Sheehan Bruce Bouillet Jeff Martin John Alderete Harry Gshoesser Scott Travis Joey Tafolla Pat Torpey

Paul Gilbert Was Influenced By:
Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Artists That Were Influenced By Paul Gilbert:
Bruce Bouillet Joey Tafolla
Guitar Techniques used by Paul Gilbert
Drill Picking
Two-Handed Tapping
Sweep Picking
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"I used to go through one or two bottles a night. Easy. Sometimes half a gallon. It was all a growing experience."

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