Albert Collins

Born: October 3, 1932
Leona, TX, USA
Died: November 24, 1993

Instruments Played / Skills:


Albert Collins Has Worked With:
Stevie Ray Vaughan Jeff Healey Bruce Gary Keith Wyatt Eddie Harsch

Albert Collins Was Influenced By:
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown B.B. King T. Bone Walker

Artists That Were Influenced By Albert Collins:
Aron Burton George Wild Child Butler Chris Cain W.C. Clark Deborah Coleman Johnny Copeland Robert Cray Debbie Davies Jeff Healey Jimi Hendrix Greg Howe Long John Hunter Garrett "Big G" Jacobson Little Jimmy King Eddie Kirkland Jonny Lang Gary Moore Bobby Radcliff Kenny "Blue" Ray Sonny Rhodes Jimmy Thackery Stevie Ray Vaughan Johnny "Guitar" Wilson
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"Who are these people who are so cultured they can't enjoy Hee Haw?"

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