Greg Howe

Greg Howe grew up in Pennsylvania, in a family that encouraged his music interest. His dad bought a guitar for him at the age of 10, and began taking him to lessons. Greg’s natural inclination for music was apparent, and he practiced day and night. His main influences were George Benson, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and Pat Metheny, among other jazz and classic rock and roll guitarists. By the time Greg was in his teenage years, he was working in cover bands. His band called Duke also featured his brother on vocals. They became a local hit performing mostly cover songs, but eventually began writing their own material. Greg sent Mike Varney of Guitar Magazine a copy of the band’s demo, in hopes of being featured in the Spotlight column, and Varney ended up singing Howe to his Shrapnel Records label. He released an album with bassist Billy Sheehan, Greg Howe, which received rave reviews and won him second place in Guitar Player Magazine’s readers poll. Greg’s next band, Howe II, again featured his brother on lead vocals. Howe II released High Gear and then Now Hear This, both of which received airplay and promotion by MTV, and were big hits in the guitar-god community. In the 90’s, Howe II have released the more jazz-influenced Introspection, Parallex, and Tilt, which featured Richie Kotzen. In 1996, Howe was invited to replace Jennifer Batten on Michael Jackson’s HIStory tour of Europe. Greg also opened for Van Halen in the midwest tour in honor of Jason Becker, who is a victim of Lou Gherig’s disease. When Howe returned to the studio from touring, he again teamed with Kotzen to release Project. In 2000, he released his solo effort Hyperacuity, and has was busy touring for a while with Enrique Iglesias. However, lately he has been playing and touring with the superhit boygroup 'N Sync.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Guitar Masters Instrumental Rock Pop/Top40 Hard Rock

Greg Howe Has Worked With:
Richie Kotzen Billy Sheehan Atma Anur Prashant Aswani Enrique Iglesias Michael Jackson

Greg Howe Was Influenced By:
George Benson Larry Carlton Albert Collins Robben Ford Jimi Hendrix Allan Holdsworth Pat Metheny Eddie Van Halen

Artists That Were Influenced By Greg Howe:
Prashant Aswani
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