James Burton

Born: August 21, 1939
Shreveport, LA, USA

James Burton was a staff guitarist for the Louisiana Hayride when he was 15. He actually lived with Ozzie and Harriet and Ricky Nelson when he was playing with Ricky. He played as a member of the Shindogs, the back up group on ABC's Shindig TV show. He played on most all of the early Merle Haggard recordings up to the late 60's. Burton still tours regularly with Jerry Lee Lewis, he owns James Burton's Rock & Roll Cafe in Shrveport, La and can be seen playing there whenever he is in town. James always came back to Shreveport, where he was born, even while playing with Elvis. He would jam with old friends from high school in local clubs.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Rockabilly Country Music

James Burton Has Worked With:
Elvis Presley Ricky Nelson Dale Hawkins Carol Kaye

Artists That Were Influenced By James Burton:
John Beland Roy Buchanan John Fogerty Jimmy Page
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