Lester Square

Born: April 17, 1954

Square helped Stuart Leslie Goddard form the B-Sides, which eventually morphed into Adam and the Ants. After the name change, however, Square opted out of the band, and was replaced by Mark Gaumont in 1978. Square moved on to form the Monochrome Set, who enjoyed a long and successful career throughout the late 70's and early 80's. Square eventually pushed on, however, dropping out of Monochrome Set. For a brief time, Monochrome Set went on without him, but it wasn't long before they disbanded. In 1989, however, Square and Monochrome Set reformed, and they again began putting out albums. Square has also put out a couple of solo albums, as well as an album entitled Dystopia with a group called The Invisible. In between making his own albums, Square has produced and played on albums by Jesus Couldn't Drum. He has also collaborated with the Native Hipsters, Fad Gadget, Wire, and Helen and the Horns.

Instruments Played / Skills:

New Wave

Bands That Lester Square Has Played For:
Adam and the Ants Monochrome Set, The Invisible, The

Lester Square Has Worked With:
Adam Ant Andy Warren Paul Flanagan Chris Hughes AKA Merrick
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"The thing that keeps you going at first is your belief that the band's getting bigger and better, but the only way to find that out is if the kids are coming to see you."

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