Larry Coryell

Born: April 2, 1943
Galviston, TX, USA

Electric guitar jazz/rock pioneer, and originator of the "Acoustic-Electric Eclectic Ethic", he was one of the new breed of 60's jazz muscians to have been influenced by the rock revolution. Combining such diverse forms as country, blues, ragas, bebop, free jazz, etc. he began his career with with several noteworhty groups, including "The Free Spirits" (often cited as the first jazz/rock fusion group) "The Gary Burton Quartet", and the "Chico Hamilton Quartet". In addition to appearing as a sideman on numerous recordings throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, to the present, he's led a series of his own groups, including the recently-reunited "Eleventh House", and is also a familiar prescence at jazz festivals throughout the world. Coryell has also been active as an jazz clinician at master classes, an instructional columnist for Guitar Player magazine (his original career goal was journalism) and a producer of jazz radio programming in Japan.

Instruments Played / Skills:

Jazz Fusion

Larry Coryell Has Worked With:
Michal Urbaniak

Larry Coryell Was Influenced By:
Miles Davis Jimi Hendrix Wes Montgomery Ravi Shankar
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"We're not going to play to the mainstream. We're going to hijack it."

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