Nick Mason

Born: January 27, 1945
Birmingham, Warks., USA

Nick Mason was born to a wealthy family, and attended private schools all of his life. It was easy to pursuade him to get into mischief, and he did that a lot! His first passion was classic cars. As a child, he often accompanied his father to classic European car shows. He started to experiment with drums while in high school, and he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music. He met fellow students Roger Waters and Rick Wright at a private architectural school, and together they were in the band The Abdabs. The Abdabs did quite well, but it wasn't until Syd Barrett came along that they would finally start to develop a psychedelic sound. They changed their name to the Pink Floyd Sound, later shortening it to Pink Floyd. Mason is the most under rated member of Floyd. Although he didn't have much to do with the writing process of Floyd (he would have had to battle Roger and David to gain control of this, and he was just as happy to sit in the background and watch the bickering), he developed his own minimalistic drum style that others copy still, to this day. He has had a couple of solo releases, including 1980's Fictitious Sports and 1985's Profiles.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Drums Songwriter

Stadium Rock Psychedelic Rock

Bands That Nick Mason Has Played For:
Pink Floyd

Nick Mason Has Worked With:
David Gilmour Roger Waters Richard Wright Syd Barrett Guy Pratt Jon Carin Gary Wallis Tim Renwick Dick Parry Bob Ezrin
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