Billie Joe Armstrong

Born: February 17, 1972
San Pablo, CA, USA

The youngest of six kids, Billie Joe Armstrong was a wild child. His father was a jazz musician, and Armstrong would sing along with him as a young child of 5. But, by the age of 10, Armstrong's father had deteriorated due to cancer, and he soon died. Before dying, however, he gave Billie Joe a guitar and told him to practice. Billie Joe did practice, but was frustrated when music tutors failed to see his talent. He was into heavy metal, guitar-driven music, but his tastes soon turned to the punk scene and skateboarding. Three chords were all he needed to play, and Billie Joe began to mimick his favorite bands, pounding out power chords and singing his lyrics in a choppy, punkish style. He had been friends with bassist Dirnt since grade school, and together, they formed a band called the Sweet Children. When they met Tre Cool, however, they became known as Green Day, and released one album before signing with a major label. In 1990, Armstrong married Adrienne, a girl he met at a Green Day gig. Soon after they were married, she gave birth to their first son. Later, she would give birth to a second. After the release of "Dookie", Green Day became a household name. Billie Joe Armstrong is known for his rude stage antics and wry, rebellious sense of humour. With another successful album just released, and, with side projects such as Pinhead Gunpowder, we will see Armstrong much in the future.

Instruments Played / Skills:
Guitar Songwriter Vocals

Post-Punk Resurgence Pop/Top40

Bands That Billie Joe Armstrong Has Played For:
Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong Has Worked With:
Mike Dirnt Tre Cool

Billie Joe Armstrong's Gear:
    Billie Joe Armstrong uses a blue Fernandez Stratocaster copy, year unknown. This guitar is known as Blue #1. He made another one himself by using a real Strat and sanding the logo off. He also uses Blue #2, which is just like Blue #1, except #1 has an
Guitar Techniques used by Billie Joe Armstrong
Palm Mute
Feedback / Sustain
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"Why should I write songs when Chuck Berry wrote them all?"

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